Memphis Water Heaters

Epstein Plumbing Co. provides high quality residential and commercial water heaters for the tri-city area. We offer state-of-the art electrical, solar, tankless, heat pump, storage tank, integrated space, oil, and gas water heaters depending on your unique needs and preferences. Epstein Plumbing Co. also provides water heater delivery, repairs, inspections, installations, preventive maintenance, and financing, and will handle any health code violation or zoning compliance issues that may ensue with tact, verve, and integrity. All of our contractors are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, and all of our parts and labor come with a multi-year warranty for complete peace of mind. Epstein Plumbing Co. also provides a free, no obligation consultation to thoroughly discuss your need and concerns, including requests for a free estimate. Furthermore, we value engineer our Memphis water heaters so that you will save thousands over time thanks to our maintenance free materials and unrivalled workmanship.Epstein Plumbing Co. also offers a 24/7 emergency response service for Memphis water heater disasters, rain or shine, or the water heater and installation are on us.

If energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are your number one priority we can install a Memphis solar water heater which uses energy from the sun to heat water. If the temperature reaches below zero, antifreeze from an integrated collector tank will propagate via a heat exchanger chamber to provide heated water. Moreover, we also supply tankless water heaters that don't involve tanks at all. Instead, they only provide water when you need it. Our advanced low-mass tankless models supply and heat water through a gas-injected deliver device that employs power exhaust and electrical ignition to do so. In addition, we also provide Memphis hot water tanks that will instantly supply hot water upon the turning of a tap or faucet, albeit they tend to be pricier than our other water tanks.

Regardless of the model you choose, the first thing we'll do is measure the area upon where your existing water heater sits. We will also measure the size of your Memphis water heater tank as well as all of the electrical and plumbing wiring and apparatuses involved. In the Memphis water heater industry the size of the tank is an essential factor to consider before installing a new water heater. We will thoroughly assess you and your family's needs, including reading your water meter, in order to decide the size of the new tank. Essentiality, if you are a frequent water user for cleaning, showering, etc we will install a tank that can provide sufficient water during peak usage hours. Moreover, if saving space is a priority we can install a retrofitted, compact model that can fit virtually anywhere, including in closets and under counters. Our current range is 9 litres (2.4 gallons) to 90 litres (24 gallons) for our compact models. We also provide standard models-with either a bottom or top entry-from 150 litres (40 gallons) to 300 litres (79 gallons). In addition, our Memphis water heaters are resistant to flammable vapours and are highly energy efficient.