Memphis Sewer Service

Epstein Plumbing Co. provides several Memphis sewer services for our residential and commercial clients with multi-year warranties. Below, is a summary of our primary Memphis sewer repair, maintenance, and installation services:

Memphis Sump Pumps:

You will require a sump pump if water has built-up over time in a sump pit. Generally speaking, sump pumps are needed to eliminate flooding that has occurred in residential and commercial basements. Our Memphis sump pumps will redistribute the flooded water to a nearby dry well or storm drain. We also provide three phase and single phase voltage sump pumps, automatic and manual sump pumps, backup alarms and systems for sumps pumps as well as Memphis sump pumps in various horsepower capacities.

Memphis Sewer Cleaning:

Sewer cleanings are required due to natural disasters such as flood and landslides or sewage blockage issues. Whatever the reason, our state-of-the-art and highly efficient power bucketing and high velocity jetting apparatuses will clean your Memphis sewers thoroughly until they shine.

Memphis Vactor Trucks:

We have over a dozen top-of-the-line Memphis vactor trucks waiting for the right moment to showcase their prowess. Our vactor trucks can remove anything with without causing any damage and with minimal noise. For instance, they can remove calcite, roots, debris, concrete, sediment, asphalt and more quickly and efficiently from any sewer trunk or line.

Memphis Overhead Sewers:

Epstein Plumbing Co. installs and repairs overhead sewers to prevent or eliminate flooding. We can install a sump and ejector pump to intercept any flowing sewage in the basement fixtures and push it above the flood level. Gravity will then take its course and allow the excess sewage to drain into the Memphis service line.

Memphis Hydrojetting:

We use high velocity, pressured hot water to clean pipes, unclog drains, and clean homes, driveways, and roads in an extremely quick and efficient manner. We have our own fleet of hydrojetting trucks ready to dispatch immediately upon request.