Memphis Repiping Services

Epstein Plumbing Co. is a full service Memphis repiping firm that does not subcontract. All of our Memphis contactors are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to repipe your residential or commercial property within a 48 hour window or your money back. Moreover, all of the Memphis repiping parts and labor we provide come with a lifetime guarantee for complete peace of mind. We also provide a free, no obligation, consultation and inspection before any preliminary work takes place.

We currently employ two piping systems to repipe constructs, namely copper and Uponor PEX. Our Memphis Uponor PEX piping systems are more cost-effective because they require fewer parts to build and are easier to install. They are also very flexible and resistant to extreme cold and hot temperatures as well as creep deformation (i.e., prolonged use, acid wear). Furthermore, they are quite effective in increasing water volume and pressure.

However, our copper piping systems also have their own set of benefits. Copper piping has been around for decades and is an established, flexible, and durable piping material. It also has the added advantage of providing a bacteria resistant (biostatic) atmosphere. Moreover, unlike PEX piping, copper piping can be used outdoors due to their resistance against ultraviolet rays. Copper can also be recycled unlike PEX piping. However, copper piping is more likely to freeze and break when exposed to cold water -unlike PEX piping-and is also susceptible to corrosion, not to mention it is more expensive that PEX piping systems.

Regardless of your choice we will begin with a thorough consultation with our Memphis repiping clients and will protect any amenities or floorings beforehand with plastic sheathing. Next, we will shut down your water system, make the appropriate wall openings, and remove and discard your old pipes and any debris into our trucks. Once we install our new Memphis piping system we will provide timely and meticulous wall restorations and will perform a full cleanup of your premises. Only after discussing every step we took with you-and proving a detailed handwritten report-will we leave. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we will work around the clock to ensure you are completely satisfied with our Memphis repiping work before we leave, guaranteed.