Memphis Hydronic Heating:

Epstein Plumbing Co. is a full service Memphis hydronic heating firm that is committed to providing the safest, cleanest, and most cost-effective hydronic heaters in Memphis . The concept, or principle, of hydronic heating has existed for several centuries in Europe, but it is only until recently that newfound advances in technology and techniques have allowed hydronic heating to become a fully developed and effective solution for both residential and commercial property owners. Epstein Plumbing Co. sincerely believes that Memphis hydronic heaters have several benefits over your more conventional heating solutions. Furthermore, we currently offer our Memphis hydronic heating solutions in hot water or steam radiator models.

Unlike conventional heaters, Memphis hydronic heaters provide completely efficient and adaptable heating. Traditional heaters can only warm up the existing air around them-and only to a certain amount. This doesn't bode well during frigid winters where the heat has to be dialled up to their limits-which cause utility bills to rise exponentially. However, Memphis hydronic heaters can be zoned perfectly to meet the exact temperature requirements you have for each room within your property. Hydronic heating also has the added benefits of being far quieter, cleaner, cost-effective, comfortable, environmentally friendly, and non-allergic. In fact, Memphis hydronic heating is the safest heating solution on the market because, unlike traditional heaters, it does not produce bacteria, dust, and low humidity- which can leady to repository conditions like asthma.

Moreover, hydronic heating does not circulate air using air vents like conventional heaters do. Instead, hydronic heaters generate radiant heat by transferring heat through water. Water conducts heat much more efficiently than air does and as a result less energy is required to distribute the same amount of heat. In addition, our Memphis hydronic heaters will warm all adjacent surfaces-such as walls and floors-which will then extend heat to all other extremities within your property-congruent to a heating domino effect. That is, every surface acts like a radiator in of itself so that you feel complete 3-dimensonal warmth wherever you are, all while avoiding harmful dust and forced air. In fact, our hydronic heaters act like the sun does. Imagine what happens when you sit on a hot park bench. The heat from the bench is transferred to your pants and then to your skin. This heat transfer method is the driving mechanism in our Memphis hydronic systems.

Moreover, Epstein Plumbing Co. only uses the highest quality materials and the most expert craftsmanship and workmanship when designing and installing our proprietary Memphis hydronic heaters. All of our contractors are fully, licensed, insured and bonded, and all of the parts and labor we provide come with a multi-year warranty for complete peace of mind. Moreover, Epstein Plumbing Co. provides a personalized, no obligation consultation absolutely free of charge to anyone who would like to inquire about our products and service or would like to request a free estimate.